Spinning Babies® Workshop

Spinning Babies® Workshop

Improve labor outcomes with a Spinning Babies® Workshop. Learn our physiological techniques that offer a complete system of birth preparation and labor ease concepts to improve labor with the baby’s position.

The 2-day workshop covers the same curriculum as the 1-day workshop at an easy-to-integrate pace with additional time for more hands-on practice. Feel confident in how to apply the Spinning Babies® approach to help birthing families in community, clinical, and hospital settings.

This course introduces the Spinning Babies® approach to pregnancy comfort, labor progress, and easier birth. We welcome all birth professionals—from the new doula to the highly experienced provider. Spinning Babies® presents a new perspective on the anatomy of fetal positioning and birth, and applies stretch and jiggle techniques for body balancing. After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Facilitate comfort in pregnancy and ease in childbirth for your clients
  • Improve fetal position without manipulation of the fetus
  • Identify issues faster; gentle actions to shorten a long labor or avoid a cesarean
  • Use less (or no) force to resolve malposition and labor dystocia
  • And much, much more!

Spinning Babies® Three PrinciplesSM, Three BalancesSM, and Pelvic Three Levels SolutionsSM offers the world’s first complete system of birth preparation and labor ease concepts using baby’s position. Physiological techniques change the effective size of the pelvis through the body’s own innate capacity to resolve or prevent labor dystocia.